Send out samples on Craft Beer Hour


Send out Samples

Sending out samples as part of hosting Craft Beer Hour has helped lots of breweries to:

• Launch new beers
• Raise brand awareness
• Build relationships with retailers
• Increase their social following
• Sell more beer!

“Being involved in Craft Beer Hour really helped raise the profile of Fierce Beer, with many new followers looking to try our products. What really made the difference however was sending sample packs to the ten individuals who were chosen to receive. These people were tasting the beers live, driving forward critical conversation, and pulled in others to the discussion. This then pushed participants to seek out the beers themselves afterwards. So the outcome for us was.... new customers, new Fierce fans, new brand ambassadors. Craft Beer Hour is a great thing which is made amazing by sending samples out. You will definitely not regret it.”
— Dave Grant, Fierce Beer