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Craft Beer Hour

The various different ways of advertising with Craft Beer Hour are detailed on this page.

Host Craft Beer Hour

Hosting Craft Beer Hour is free, however if you have a product for sale, I recommend taking part in our Samples Feature. The full package costs £200 and aims to drive both trade and retail sales.

Full details including cases studies, processes and prices.

Website Advertising

Advertise your business on this website in our "BUY BEER" section.

  • There are six tiles available: four for retail and two for forthcoming Craft Beer Hour hosts.

  • Tiles are paid in advance for a minimum of three months at a time.

  • Ad spaces are intended for independent retailers and producers alike.

  • I can provide a custom design or you can provide your own (see spec below).

  • Each tile is linked to your chosen page.

  • Each subscriber receives a dedicated fortnightly post on social media.

  • When all spaces are occupied, adverts will rotate.

  • I recommend advertising a special offer to incentivise buyers.

  • For special offers, we recommend linking through to a landing page which reinforces the offer and any corresponding terms.

All tiles: £40 per month / 3 months minimum

 Ads will go live within 24 hours of cleared payment made via BACS.

If you would like to provide your own design

  • The dimensions of the tile are 800px x 330px (no bleed).

  • Try and keep the file size below 400kb (JPEG/PNG – no GIFs, yet!).

  • Any relevant terms and conditions must be stated on the tile in a minimum font size of 12px.

  • You may change your tile as often as you wish (within reason!).

For the social media posts, I will ask you what angle you would like me to take. Also if you can give access to a folder of high quality images. Alternatively you can send me a sample box and I can create some original content. Such as a time-lapse video like this.

Get in touch to claim your space.

Email Marketing

Market your business via the Craft Beer Hour Trade or Consumer Mailing Lists. Harness high open and click-through rates. POA, although prices generally start at around £75 per email.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Social Media Advertising

Market your business to a community of over 10,000 followers in a variety of creative ways, such as sponsoring a post or running a stand-alone giveaway. POA, although prices generally start at around £75 per post.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas.