Become a Partner Venue


Craft Beer Hour Partner Venues

Members of our ‘Partner Venues’ scheme are invited to host special events to showcase the beers of our featured breweries to coincide with their appearance on Craft Beer Hour.

Members will have completely free rein over the format of their events. The only stipulation is that they focus on the single brewery in question and take part at least once a month (typically choosing between two featured breweries).

Craft Beer Hour happens on Twitter every Tuesday 9-10pm, however events do not necessarily have to take place at the same time.

The scheme is open to both venues who wish to put on events, and retailers who wish to be listed as a stockist.

All members will receive:

  • A listing on the Craft Beer Hour Venues Map

  • Event promotion through Craft Beer Hour channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

  • A #CraftBeerHour Partner Venue window sticker


What does it cost to become a Partner Venue?

There isn’t a joining fee. Instead we just ask that venues purchase the beer from our featured breweries at least once a month in accordance with the Craft Beer Hour schedule. We will provide the necessary details for ordering via email.

Do events have to take place during Craft Beer Hour?

No – your events do not have to run from 9-10pm on a Tuesday.

I ran a recent poll about this.

Question: If you were able to get to a Craft Beer Hour event, which day would be best for you?

Preferred day.png

Question: What would be your preferred time?

Preferred time.png

Assuming Saturday’s are busy for you anyway, Thursday looks like a good shout!

How do we find out about forthcoming featured breweries?

I will send you a link to a page on this website with all the details our forthcoming breweries and how to order their beer. This is updated on a regular basis, however I will notify you about notable changes.

How much beer do we have to order?

In line with the terms of your commitment to Craft Beer Hour, there is no minimum order, however, a minimum order may be imposed by the brewery or the distributor/retailer in question. How much beer you buy depends on how many people you are expecting to attend your event.

When will we receive the beer?

You will receive an email about forthcoming breweries, and how to order, as far in advance as possible. We currently operate on a three week lead but it will vary. Orders may then be made at your convenience. Provided the order is placed in line with our guidelines, the beer will always arrive at least a week ahead.

Is it okay to charge a fee for the Craft Beer Hour events?

Absolutely. If you feel your event should have a ticket fee, go ahead. Let us know how people can purchase them and we’ll share the details. What’s more, Partner Venues will always retain 100% of revenue.

Is the promotion through the Craft Beer Hour channels free for all Partner Venues?

Yes. The idea is to help promote your events to the Craft Beer Hour community and beyond.

We already stock the beer from the featured brewery. Can we be listed as a venue?

If you’re going to put on a special event to coincide with Craft Beer Hour then I will gladly give it a mention, but the map listings are reserved for venues who want to support on a regular basis (at least once a month).

Do we always have to put on an event?

No. If you haven’t got the right space for events and just want to commit to being a stockist of our featured breweries, you’re still welcome to apply to be a member.

Is there a limit on the number of venues in a given area?

At this stage, yes – one per reasonable radius. However, if two or more venues would like to work together, then let’s talk about it. I’m always open to suggestions.

What is the basic criteria for being accepted?

  • Essential: You must have a licence to serve alcohol on the premises

  • Desirable: Experience of putting on events before

  • Desirable: Be an active business on Twitter and other social platforms

  • Essential: Keen to embrace the #CraftBeerHour community!

If you’d like to get involved, apply now.

Have another question? Send me a message.