Hosting Guidelines


Hosting Craft Beer Hour

Please ensure that you and anyone who might be helping you host Craft Beer Hour familiarises themselves with these simple guidelines.

Craft Beer Hour runs every Tuesday on Twitter, from 9-10pm (GMT).

The single most important thing to remember is that you need to:

  • Include the hashtag #CraftBeerHour on every single tweet during the hour.

    • Crucially, this includes all your replies and retweets.

The hour officially begins at 9pm and as the host, it's over to you to introduce it. 

  • Who are you?

  • Where are you?

  • What's in your glass?

I recommend tweeting a 'scene-setting' picture. 

If you're a brewery and your beer is easy to get hold of, lots of people will have bought it especially for the hour. Expect a huge range of questions about it from brewing techniques and inspirations, to label design and potential collabs. If your beers are less easy to come by (or you're not a brewery!), you may have do a little more 'curating' – so have questions of your own ready.

Please remember that Craft Beer Hour isn't a club; you don't have to have a specific beer to be able to join in. Everyone is welcome, every week. So do your best to engage with everyone, regardless of what they are drinking.  

My best tips are:

  • Respond to everyone, and respond quickly.

  • Don't over-think your tweets.

  • Be chatty

  • Wrap it up at 10pm and open another beer

Note – if you're a brewery and your beers aren't easy to get hold of, I strongly recommend taking part in our Samples feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's Twitter account do we use?
You use your own account and being on Twitter, you can be anywhere in the world.

Can we run a competition?
Yes, but please check with me first. Beer and merchandise as a prize is always popular.

Do we have to send out samples?
You don't have to send out samples, but it's great if you want to. Particularly if your beers aren't widely available. 

Can I use the opportunity of being a host to promote my business?

Of course! But subtly. The hour itself is not intended to be used solely as a sales channel. By being a great host on Craft Beer Hour, you'll promote your business in a far greater light than you will if you just try to sell. 

I do however offer a range of promotional opportunities.