What, where, when?

How does Craft Beer Hour work?

Craft Beer Hour revolves around the use of a hashtag – #CraftBeerHour – primarily on Twitter, although the hashtag is popular on Instagram

On Twitter specifically, search for the hashtag to follow the conversation and use the hashtag on your tweets to join in. The beauty of using the hashtag is it allows people who don't follow you to see your Tweets, in turn helping your posts reach a wider audience.

When is Craft Beer Hour?

The official Craft Beer 'hour' is 9-10pm every Tuesday. 

How does "hosting" Craft Beer Hour work?

Each week the hour has a different 'host' – someone who essentially leads the conversation using their own Twitter account. It's usually an individual or team representing a brewery, although we often have hosts who are event organisers, magazines, podcasters and more. Here's a list of previous and forthcoming hosts.

If you're looking for more details on the format, you'll find those in our Hosting Guidelines.

How widespread is the hashtag?

Check out our Stats page.

Can anyone host?

We welcome a wide range of people, with a wide spectrum of interests to host Craft Beer Hour. We're aiming to be relevant, stimulating and objective. If you think you've got a compelling story, get in touch to introduce yourself.

Please note, we don't currently offer the opportunity of hosting to retailers (such as online services or bottle shops), however, we do offer various opportunities for retailers to get in front of our community to promote themselves.

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