Beer and Music Pairing with Rhythm & Brews

Craft Beer Hour on the 12th June will be hosted by Andrew and Luke of the Rhythm & Brews Podcast.

In a nutshell, Andrew and Luke will be suggesting songs for listening to whilst drinking these three beers:

Signature Brew - Studio Vienna (Vienna Lager)
North Brewing Co - Pinata (Session IPA)
The Kernel - Export Stout, London 1890

Further below are a long list of stockists.

Here's a word from our hosts...

Hi, we’re Luke & Andrew and we record a monthly podcast called Rhythm and Brews, in which we match songs to beers, with aim that the music will make that beer taste better.

Whilst the concept is serious and based on good evidence, we don’t take ourselves as seriously and we make sure that the process stays fun rather than becoming an academic exercise.  So some of our choices work……others maybe not so much! And we’re always open to suggestions for songs that are better matches.

How to music-match to beer

 The process works on two levels for us:

1. Neurological – auditory tones can enhance certain tastes, and there is evidence that it occurs across a broad range of people.

In summary:

— Low/bass tones will enhance bitterness
— High tones will enhance sweetness
— Discordant, “spiky” tones will enhance sourness.

2. Experiential – Is there a song (or style of music) that represents the “character” of the beer? And can that experience/character be broad enough that others can also perceive that song as being representative of that beer? Choosing a song on this basis can be very personal, but if you pick well, it can feel right for other people too.

Ideally, when we pick a song to match a beer, we’re hoping to choose a tune that works on the last one of those levels but preferably both.

And then we find out if we’ve made a good choice! So during #CraftBeerHour we’d like you to sample the beer, make a note of the tastes that you experience, play the song that we’ve suggested and see if any of those tastes are enhanced. In essence, has the music made the beer taste better?

Take part during Craft Beer Hour

Over the course of the hour we’ll suggest songs to match three beers we’ve chosen, in the hope that others agree they are good matches and that they improve the drinker’s experience of the beer. We’ll provide links to our suggested songs during #CraftBeerHour, either via Spotify or Youtube, depending on what is available.

We’ll try to time the beers regularly through the hour:

Soon after 9.00pm Signature Brew’s – Studio Vienna (Lager)
9.20pm North Brewing Co’s – Piñata (Pale Ale)
9.40pm Kernel – Export Stout, London 1890

We are also very keen to hear others’ music suggestions for those beers, to see if they are better….and some of them invariably will be.

Win beer


The best suggestion for a music pairing with North Brewing's Piñata will win a six pack of cans from the brewery!


The best suggestion for a music pairing with Signature Brew's Studio Vienna will too win a six pack of cans!


How to enter

To enter to win either prize, your tweets must:

1. Include the hashtag #CraftBeerHour
2. Include the name of the beer you are pairing with (@ the brewery too if you want them to see it!)
3. Include a public link to your song choice (so others can easily listen)
4. Be posted between 8pm and 10pm on Tuesday 12th June

The two winners will be chosen by Andrew and Luke, after 10pm on Tuesday.

We will also attempt to suggest songs for any other beers you happen to be drinking during the hour – but we’ll need a photo and a short taste description if we’re to have any chance!

Lastly, we should point out that we didn’t come up with this concept — we’re happy to give credit to those that have worked to build up the evidence for the concept and to promote it — so we’ll give special mentions to Prof. Charles Spence, Felipe Carvalho and the maestro of music-pairing (and previous podcast guest), Pete Brown.


Signature Brew – Studio Vienna

Craft Brewtique
Dead Crafty Beer Co. (Studio Pilsner)
7 Seasons
Kill the Cat
Clapton Craft
Also in
Stone Mini Market in Leytonstone
Wonderbar in Leytonstone
The Star of Kings in Kings Cross
Strongrooms in Shoreditch
Piano Bar in Soho
Beer & Burger in Dalston
The Wine Cellar in Dalston
Beer & Burger in Willesden
Grow in Hackney Wick
In Vino Veritas in Walthamstow
The Rising Sun in Twickenham
Kettle & Ryan in Leyton
Bootleg Social in Blackpool
The Shed in Leicester

North Brewing – Piñata

Block & Bottle
Vessel Beer Shop
Dead Crafty Beer Co.
Beers of Davenport
Raynville Superstore
Hop Hideout
Kill the Cat
Beer Garage

Kernel Brewery – Export Stout, London 1890

Block & Bottle
Vessel Beer Shop
Three Hounds Beer Co.
Clapton Craft
Stirchley Wines
Beer Central
7 Seasons
Real Ale Ltd
Hops & Crafts (Export Porter)
Indie Craft Beer
Station Hop
Raynville Superstore
Beer Garage
Indie Beer Shop

Buy online

Left Field Beer
They have: Export Stout

They have: Piñata, Studio Vienna

Do you stock these beers? Tweet me a picture and I'll add your name to the list!

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