New Brewery Month

All four weeks in July on Craft Beer Hour will be dedicated to new breweries – New Brewery Month we'll call it.  This will be the first time we've dedicated a whole month to new breweries and in fact, to just one, single theme.

Of course, there are soooooooo many new and small breweries we would love to include, so hopefully it'll be a popular theme and we can do it again. If you would like to be featured next time, just let me know.

The reason for this post is to give you advanced notice of who our hosts are going to be to give you a chance to try and find the beers. Also, to help make them easier to source, I am trying to encourage bottle shops and tap rooms to get involved throughout the month by ordering beer from these breweries (even just a small amount).

Bottle Shops / Taps / Bars / Pubs — we need your help!

Help our four featured breweries get their beers further afield so that more people can drink along on Craft Beer Hour.

If you would like to stock beers from one (or some) of the breweries taking part in July, then please contact them directly as soon as you can (see below). Let me know what you take (or indeed what you already stock) and I will ensure that you feature on this website, in my tweets and on my Craft Beer Hour emails.

Let's make New Brewery Month a regular thing!

July Schedule

Tuesday 4th
Unity Brewing Co – @unitybrewingco 
Based in Southampton

Tuesday 11th
Frameworks Brewery – @frameworkbrews 
Based in Leicester

Tuesday 18th
Bianca Road Brew Co – @biancaroad
Based in Peckham

Tuesday 25th
McColl's Brewery – @McCollsBrewery
Based in County Durham

The beers to look out for

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If you don't manage to get hold of these beers – still join in. The theme for each week will be "New Breweries" – so you know what to do.


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