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Back on a Saturday in late July I took a lovely drive up to a village called West Acre near Kings Lynn in Norfolk (a bit over an hour from me). My destination – the West Acre village fete. I haven't been to a fete for some twenty years, so watching a duck race with a Brixton APA in my hand was something of a new experience for me. 

The reason for my visit really was for a look around what I really hope will become the home of Duration Brewing (which was on the same site as the fete, in case you're wondering).

Compared to other parts of the country, Norfolk and Suffolk currently have relatively fewer breweries (or should I say a 'lesser density' of breweries), but believe me when I say the breweries we do have, are really, really, interesting. 

This project is so enormous, so ambitious and so visionary, that I would be doing it a tremendous injustice if I tried to explain the detail. In fact, all the detail you could possibly need at this stage is provided in this excellent blog post on the Duration website. They've also got a nice video.

Let's take a look at the site.

Above: The brewery is set on a vast country estate (somewhere to the tune of 14,000 acres!).

The immediate surrounds are simply stunning.

This vast barn will be divided into both the main brewhouse (far left) and the tap room (far right).

Currently supported by steel joists and scaffold, the end wall will be left to fall (as it's irreparable). Here will become a tap room with a glass facade.

This will be the main brewhouse, working from the left to the right.

On the left here will be a canning line wth integrated packing area and immediate access to the yard.

Here will likely be an outside seating area.

The site benefits from an extraordinarily large open spaces. This is one of them!

Join Duration Beer on Twitter tonight (Tues 15th Aug, 9-10pm) as part of the Norwich Craft Beer Week Craft Beer Hour takeover.

Hope to see you in Norfolk soon!


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