Day 2

Please read my introduction to the 22 Push Up Challenge (including Day 1) if you missed it.


Day 2 has arrived and a one mile run has been introduced... inevitable really.

I'm going to try and add a total of 10 miles running to my 22 miles swimming and 484 press ups. On the days involving a run, here's the schedule:

Do 22 press ups in the swimming pool carpark
Run 3 laps of the field (1 mile)
Swim at least 80 lengths of the pool (1 mile)
Drive to work
Struggle to move
Drive home steadily
Fall asleep at 7pm (except on Tuesdays of course)

I'm hoping to earn just £5 each from 100 different people to help the charity Combat Stress improve the lives of military veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In turn, hopefully we can also raise awareness of PTSD in its many forms. 

You can donate on my page here:

See you tomorrow!


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