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Beer Snacks on Craft Beer Hour

Next week's Craft Beer Hour (Dec 13th) promises to be extra special. Firstly, it's always fun when the Hatters are in town. Secondly, the amazing Karkli, Soffles, Serious Pig and Smo Fo have all sent out samples – 80 parcels in total!

Here are some pairing suggestions from Sue at Mad Hatter if you fancy getting hold of some of our hosts' beers and pairing them with your snacks:

Classic Karkli – Farmhouse Saison or Tzatziki Sour

Soffles Pitta Chips
Spring Onion & Italian Cheese – Penny Lane (Pale Ale)
Rosemary & Thyme – Easy Imbiber (Vermont Pale) or Farmhouse Saison
Chilli & Garlic – Tzatziki Sour

Serious Pig
Classic – Lick Face (American Pale Ale)
Chilli & Paprika – Harvest Saison 

Smo Fo
Smoked Buffalo Beans – Nightmare on Bold Street (Milk Stout)
Chilli Dusted Smoked Roast Corn – Salted Caramel Quad (Quadrupel)
Hickory Smoked Scratchings – Easy Imbiber (Vermont Pale) or Penny Lane (Pale Ale)

These are only pairing suggestions. As always, all beers are welcome, as are all snacks. Show us your own pairings on Tuesday! 

See you on #CraftBeerHour.


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