Bath time with Electric Bear

Tonight is the 56th Craft Beer Hour and what will be our 43rd host, of which it’s the 30th brewery! However, there’s also a first and it's a very exciting one. 

Given our host – Electric Bear – only started brewing in June and they’ve been working on building up their presence locally, their beers aren’t yet available far beyond Bath and Bristol.

In a bid to ensure that a least a dozen folks could enjoy their beer on the night, the team at Electric Bear have very generously sent out, at their own expense, a Craft Beer Hour sample pack to twelve very lucky recipients! Naturally there were sooooo many more people we wanted to include on the list, but you’ll appreciate the coffers just couldn’t be deep enough to include everyone. Hopefully there’ll be other occasions though… wink, wink, nudge, nudge to our future hosts

The beers: Edison, Elemental and Cherry Blackout

Needless to say, sending out twelve sample packs, each containing three beers and some tasting notes is a fantastic gesture and we hope that hosting Craft Beer Hour tonight is a really worthwhile experience for them. 

As always, join us from 9pm (GMT) on Twitter — with or without an Electric Bear brew! 


Tom StapleyComment