Photos: Black Isle Organic Beer

It would be fair to say that a pattern is emerging with the pictures I take of beer, and that is — if they're not in my garden, they're in someone else's. But that suits me, because beer and gardens (and the great outdoors in general) are my two favourite things.

So ahead of Craft Beer Hour tomorrow, I took my three Black Isle beers to one of my favourite places in Yorkshire: Parcevall Hall Gardens. If you're in Yorkshire (or just visiting), then make a special trip to this place. In a week or two it will be a wash with Azaleas and Rhododendron to rival any garden in the world. Visit for more details.

Back to the beer — this week Craft Beer Hour will be hosted by brewers Gareth Reid and Ali Hosein of Black Isle Brewery. Get your beers ready and join in from 9pm on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Tom StapleyComment