Craft Beer Hour and the Trade Mark IPA

One of the [many] things I love about Craft Beer Hour is that for a guest host, it’s completely open to interpretation. And given the number of strands of the industry as a whole, there are an infinite number of themes and perspectives you could take. Last week Jim Cullen of Salford Beer Festival introduced a brilliant theme led by beers from Yorkshire and the North West. It was great to see everyone collecting beers for the hour that celebrated the rich culture of the fantastic breweries that we are so lucky to have up here. It was the first time we’ve had a dedicated regional theme and I don’t think it will be the last! Good work, Jim! By the way, you should check out Jim’s blog.

Turning our attention to this week, we’re going down a completely different avenue and one which I’m sure will draw intense interest from across the field. Not only will I be sat in the Anglers Rest deep in the heart of the Peak District for Craft Beer Hour’s first ever outing, but I and a few plucky friends of Craft Beer Hour will be in the company of the head brewer of Intrepid, Ben McIntyre – this week’s host. 

Through the wonders of the web (assuming we have wifi…), Ben will also be joined by Rob Cowling and Alex Newman of Irwin Mitchell, together with Andy Cullen – the Chairman of CAMRA Sheffield & District. Recently the team at Irwin Mitchell – a national law firm – have been working with Ben on an issue surrounding the protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Specifically they have been helping Ben oppose a move from a national brewery attempting to trademark the name “Intrepid” for one of their new beers. As a celebration to the successful resolution of the dispute, Ben and the team at Irwin Mitchell have decided to brew a special edition ale, which they have aptly named “Trade Mark IPA”.

On Tuesday’s Craft Beer Hour we’ll hear more about this collaborative brew and with the guys from Irwin Mitchell on the hour with us, they’ll be glad to tackle any questions to you might have surrounding the legal matters of brewing from things like setting up and brewing commercially, to protecting your brand. You can find out more about the forthcoming Trade Mark IPA here on (amazing domain name!) and here on

Thanks for reading. Hope you can join us on Tuesday from 9pm.


Tom StapleyComment