Craft Beer Hour in the pub

Something that I get asked fairly frequently is, when are we going to take Craft Beer Hour out on the road? When are we going to host the hour in a bar, or a brewery? And I've got to admit this: the reason it hasn't happened yet is entirely down to me. I've had amazing proposals from bars and venues that I'm genuinely a fan of, but there's just one basic principle that I struggle with.

I love Twitter. It's amazing. There are so many reasons to use it. But it's anti-social, right? It's a solitary activity. Yeah you're using it to communicate, but it's still something you do when there aren't actual people stood right next to you (or is it?). So, for me, the biggest obstacle in my mind is taking a perfectly sociable activity – like going to the pub – and then suggesting that everyone jumps onto Twitter to tweet on Craft Beer Hour. So for the record, that's why it hasn't happened, yet. 

What has happened mind you, is everyone has just been having all the fun without me! Take Pilot. In May, brewers Matt and Patrick hosted a frenetic Craft Beer Hour live from Edinburgh Student's Union. The following week, Black Isle also had a MTB prior to hosting the hour. Last month, Birmingham Beer Bash hosted a specially extended, 2 hour Craft Beer Hour live from the Craven Arms. And it's fair to say, they had a good time...

So, this is it — I'm going to dip my toe in. This coming Tuesday – the 14th July – come and join us at the Anglers Rest in Bamford in Derbyshire. On direct trains it's 20 minutes from Sheffield and 50 minutes from Manchester. The last train back to Manchester is the 23.09 and for Sheffield it's 23.11. A bit late on a school night I know, but it's for a good cause!

We'll be joined by Head Brewer, Ben, from Intrepid Brewing (our host) and it'll be first time Craft Beer Hour has been live from a pub in an official sense! We're going to have a brewery tour before hand too. Full details of timings for the night I've included in a separate post here.

Hope to see you there! 


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