What a year!

Here we are — at the end of a simply amazing year for Craft Beer Hour. Although I can't deny that I put a lot of time and energy into it, I could never have anticipated that collectively we would achieve what we have in a little over a year. There are so many people who have supported in so many ways — I'll meet you all eventually and thank you in person!

The hour has definitely taken on its own identity, but I'm proud that the ethos has always stayed the same, and that is simply to learn more about beer.

Craft Beer Hour has certainly helped me and I hope lots of you also, to discover some fantastic breweries and beers, great pubs, tap rooms and bars, great retailers and brilliant beer festivals — together with some amazing food! 2015 has definitely been year of the brioche bun for me! I hope, like me you've also made some great friends from being part of it. It has been a truly fascinating journey to this point and long may the adventure with you all continue throughout 2016.

Finally then, it's a great pleasure to introduce a few more details about our final Craft Beer Hour of the year which is on Tuesday 29th December, 9pm sharp! Our chief hosts will be Steve at the Beer O'Clock Show and Daniel at Original Gravity Magazine. Also joining them on the hour will be Sam @thebeertalkers and Roland @HasBeanNewBoy.

In a first for Craft Beer Hour, the guys have laid out a schedule for the topics they'd like to discuss on the night. Bring your favourite beers from your favourite breweries and get involved!

21.05 – 21.15 Beer of the year
21.15 – 21.25 Brewery of the year
21.30 Beer Nation Podcast Launch
21.40 – 21.50 Beery event of the year
21.50 Beery hope for 2016

Thanks for supporting Craft Beer Hour in 2015. Have a great Christmas and see you all on Tuesday. Remember the hashtag!



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