Photo Essay: Stewart Brewing

Earlier this year I made a special trip up to Stewart Brewing, just south of Edinburgh. The purpose of my visit was to take part in a collaborative event which involved dipping bread into oils and pairing with beer – something we'll be visiting on Craft Beer Hour in the run up to Christmas. 

I stayed in a beautiful guest house just a five minute walk from Stewart Brewing (which you should ask me about if you are planning a trip to Edinburgh), and was treated to a warm welcome to the brewery by Jo and Steve Stewart, and their brilliant team. If you're visiting Edinburgh, make absolute certain you visit Stewart Brewing, because it's a terrific brewery, with a great team making lovely beer. 

Don't forget Stewart Brewing at hosting Craft Beer Hour this week (Tuesday 18th August), so grab some of their beers and join us on Twitter from 9pm. I hope you enjoy the pictures. 


Tom StapleyComment