About Craft Beer Hour

About Craft Beer Hour


Hello. I'm Tom. 

 Picture by  Simon James , Hop & Barley

Picture by Simon James, Hop & Barley

I started Craft Beer Hour in November 2014 after spotting that no-one was employing for craft beer, the already recognised concept of a ‘Twitter hour’. 

I wanted to learn more about beer and felt there was great mileage for a weekly, focused gathering of beer fans and beer businesses. Over the last three years, the hour has grown into a fantastic community, supported by so many passionate people. 

At the end of last year I also took over Tryanuary from my good friend, Andy Heggs, who incidentally was the first ever guest host on Craft Beer Hour. Tryanuary 2018 was an incredible experience and we've a lot to look forward to for the fifth year in 2019.

Also coming this year is Beer by Beer. Inspired by Craft Beer Hour, but operating under it's own identity, the intention is to create Britain's most extensive beer map. It's a tall order and we'll need your help, so register now for first access.

Aside from Craft Beer Hour, Tryanuary and Beer by Beer, I work as a freelance marketing consultant. So if you need any advice about marketing your business – whether it's in beer or not – don't hesitate to get in touch.

See you on Tuesday, 9–10pm!