Tryanuary is a nationwide campaign throughout January which aims to inspire people to seek out and try new beers.

Finding new beers in new places provides crucial revenue to an industry of independent businesses in an historically quiet month for trade. 

Using the hashtag #Tryanuary, the campaign aims to promote conversation about new and interesting beers and, in turn, inspire people to venture out to support local pubs, bars, bottle shops and eateries. 
Founded in January 2015, Tryanuary has been the industry of one man for three years; the man on the bike and people’s champion, Sir Andy Heggs.  Andy has done an admirable job, single-handedly providing the stimulus for a movement to support a nation of fantastic, hard-working, independent businesses.
Keen to return to a life of less stress, Andy is passing on the baton…to me. To us (you!). 

It’s a great honour to say that this incredible campaign is coming under the wing of Craft Beer Hour. This will be publicly announced prior to Craft Beer Hour’s 3rd birthday on Tuesday 7th November 2017. Please keep this under wraps until we have announced it.

As January is almost upon us, we need to act now in order to keep this invaluable campaign alive and kicking into 2018. 

To ensure Tryanuary fairly represents this nation of great beers and its providers, we want to try something brand new.  Needless to say, we need your help.

To help us take what Andy has built and move it forward, we are looking for area champions. To guarantee every area of the UK is fairly represented, we need to regionalise the campaign. 

What do I mean by regionalise?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe there are forty eight counties in England, eight counties in Wales and a few more Shires in Scotland.  The idea is to ask for a volunteer or a team of volunteers to represent each region, depending on the size of the area in question. 

For Wales and Scotland, where the regions are sparser, I'm not expecting a volunteer for every area, just as many as we can recruit. Whereas with London being so dense, it should be split into North, East, South and West. 

I am open to suggestions, so, if you are in those regions (or regions I haven't mentioned), please share your thoughts with me.

What is the role of the volunteer?

  • You need to be an advocate of beer in your area.
  • You need to be proactive in engaging with local businesses and encouraging them to take part.
  • You need to be active on social media daily, able to collate information and share it concisely and accurately. 
  • If you can help encourage (and attend) some local events, even better.

What tools will you be given?

One representative from each region will be given 'Moderator' access to the Tryanuary Facebook page and Instagram account.   For Twitter, you will be expected to use your personal account, with regular support from our main @Tryanuary profile.

If you are a keen writer, there is also the opportunity to have a Content Editor role on the Tryanuary website. 

To keep it relevant, interesting and consistent to our followers, there will be some guidelines for everyone to follow. 

What will you get in return?

An immense sense of satisfaction, I hope! There are loads of things I’d love to offer in return, but it all depends on the support we get from businesses who want to take part.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

Complete my online form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Can my business be a 'volunteer' for a region? 

Yes of course. But please remember you will still need to widely promote the participation of other businesses in your region. A great way to create a local network though!

How do I get my business involved in Tryanuary?

Complete this form and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 

How many volunteers per region?

You tell me. If more than one person wants to volunteer for a given area, then they could form a small group, working as a team to promote the region.

How big is a region?

By region I mean county, but appreciate that most counties of England are vast. If you can only manage a town, that's still great. Just need to give me an idea of the territory you want to cover.

I have another question...

You had better get in touch then :)