What does being a guest host entail?

Craft Beer Hour is a micro-community on Twitter and hosting it is all about engaging with the people who come along to chat about beer. Whatever direction you are keen to take, the essence of hosting is to bring something relevant to the hour that people can respond and contribute to.

To help give the hour a small amount of structure, there are a few things we ask you to do.

These are:

  • Tweet about the hour in advance to grow interest 
  • Have a welcome message for 9pm
  • Have questions of your own but keep them simple and easy to answer
  • Include the hashtag #CraftBeerHour in every tweet, including all replies
  • Engage with people and encourage interaction
  • Have a closing message for 10pm 

What's the idea behind having a guest host?

The idea of having a guest host is to enrich the experience of having an hour dedicated to craft beer. If we don't have a guest host, you're stuck with me! And whilst I enjoy seeing what you're drinking and learning about new beers - it's significantly more interesting if we have a guest host who is infinitely more influential and knowledgeable than I am! 

Can I use the opportunity of being a host to promote my business?

Whilst we want you to give people an introduction to who you are and what you do, being a host is not about using Craft Beer Hour as a sales channel. The craft beer community as a whole is incredibly diverse and Craft Beer Hour aims to harness that. So of course, use the hour to your benefit, but please be mindful of using the hour to develop a conversation about beer.

Which Twitter account do we use?

You use your own Twitter accounts. We want your followers to come and partake too, so encourage you to promote the hour through your own channels.

How do I go about being a guest host?

Easy – have a look at the schedule to see what availability is coming up, then once you have a Tuesday in mind, get in touch for a chat about your ideas. 

If you have any questions about the information on this page, or indeed this website in general, please feel free to contact me.