Craft Beer Hour happens every Tuesday, 9 - 10pm (GMT) on Twitter. It was founded on my fascination for beer and my interest in learning more about it. 

Already familiar with the concept of a "Twitter hour", I couldn't find anyone doing the very same thing for craft beer. It was on a Monday in November 2014 that I did some research (and didn't find anything) and on the Tuesday that I threw the idea out there and started tweeting about #CraftBeerHour

When January came around, I asked Andy Heggs of #Tryanuary fame if he would like to collaborate on a Craft Beer Hour Tryanuary Special. Thankfully he said yes! And the guest host concept was born.  

So you've now got the perfect excuse to open a beer on Tuesday. Join us every week, 9-10pm (GMT). Tell a friend and bring a beer.