Craft Beer Hour


Craft Beer Hour

Craft Beer Hour happens every Tuesday between the hours of 9 and 10pm (GMT) on Twitter and Instagram. 

It is dedicated to sharing a collective passion for craft beer and aims to provide anyone with an interest in craft beer the opportunity to come together to chat about great beer in a micro community of likeminded people. It gives craft beer fans the opportunity to ask questions, discuss their favourite brews, promote events and discover new beers and where to drink them.


  • Discover and learn more about new and exciting craft beers
  • Feel part of a growing community of people with similar interests who meet every week to chat about amazing beer
  • Support independent bottle shops, bars, pubs and online retailers
  • Support the hardworking people who help give us so much access to so many amazing beers
  • Drink along with a beer from the brewery hosting the hour
  • Share photos, videos and Instagram's of your beer and find new and interesting people to follow
  • Have a good excuse to drink a beer on a Tuesday!